May 16, 2014

By John Miranda


As DC Solar prepares to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, the anticipation of that milestone brings a deep sense of pride in our contribution to the solar industry – namely, the introduction of the most innovative, adaptable and efficient mobile solar products on the market. While most consumers still associate solar power with traditional rooftop installations, DC Solar is showing the world that access to solar energy doesn’t stop at your front door. You can, in fact, take it with you.

Whether DC Solar was providing emergency back-up power during Hurricane Sandy, expanding cell coverage for thousands of music lovers at Coachella, or delivering power to the set of a major Disney film, our goal has always been the same: leave our clients with the confidence that solar energy is no longer simply an alternative to conventional mobile power (i.e. gas and diesel). It is, hands-down, the better solution. And now, thanks to the reliability and versatility of our products, the applications for mobile solar are countless. You can go as far off the grid as you like – or as we like to say, “anywhere, anytime.”

While DC Solar continues to set the standard for off-grid power generation, we know that remaining at the forefront of our business requires a strong ongoing relationship with our clients. For us, that means delivering clean, sustainable power at a competitive price, delivering excellent, personal customer service, educating you about solar energy and seeking your ideas. To that end, we are excited about the launch of our new and improved website –- thanks to our wildly talented friends at Clancy-Schaer.

In addition to being a place for you to learn about DC Solar’s products and find answers for your power needs, we hope you’ll also use this site as a hub of information – a place to find news, gain insight, discover trends, share your ideas, and even learn about exciting events related to DC Solar and sustainability, in general. Not only will we cover solar issues, but we’ll also share stories about the larger green/sustainability movement to which we are inextricably linked.

DC Solar’s vision is for a greener planet, and it is our hope that in finding this site you’re also curious to learn about how, together, we can all make an impact on the energy landscape of tomorrow. We welcome you and hope you stay on for the ride!

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