As green building accelerates and the construction industry becomes more environmentally conscious, DC Solar’s product line is perfectly tailored to serve the unique needs of job sites – both large and small.


No More Diesel

We’re helping construction companies augment or replace their reliance on diesel generators with emissions free Solar Eclipse mobile solar generators from DC Solar. The Solar Eclipse product line, known for its dependability, is great for powering electrical equipment and construction trailers.

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 We had the opportunity to perform extensive testing of the Solar Eclipse Mobile Solar Generator during our trial at our California Health Care Facility (CHCF) Stockton project. The units were displayed in a panel yard section of the jobsite where we had previously required a traditional 56kW diesel generator. During the trial, we enjoyed silent, emissions free power from the Solar Eclipse for a significantly lower price than its diesel counterpart.”

Nick Cloud

Northern Pacific Division Safety Director McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Stay lit through the night

DC Solar is also providing the construction industry with solar-powered light towers for evening safety – or to illuminate job sites that are working through the night. The Solar Eclipse mobile solar light towers, using state-of-the-art LED, provide up to 20 hours of light with only five hours of sun required.

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Stay connected, anywhere

For remote job sites where cell coverage doesn’t exist, DC Solar provides voice and data through its remote mobility zone product, Solar Com. As with all DC Solar products, Solar Com is powered by the sun, and is noise and emissions free.

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