The challenges of preparing for natural disasters are complex and ever-changing. When disaster strikes, the need for power, light, and access to voice and data is acute, and time is of the essence. Command centers, search and rescue operations, field triage medical services and provisional housing all benefit from the dependability of DC Solar’s rapidly deployable product line of mobile solar generators, light towers, and telecommunications systems.


When time is of the essence

The Solar Eclipse mobile solar generators quickly bring power to affected areas and allow command centers and field triage medical services to run 24 hours a day.

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Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Aided by DC Solar

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania distributor jumps into action.


Security, even after the sun sets

The Solar Eclipse mobile solar light towers are instantly deployable and help communities feel a sense of security when the power is out – especially during evening hours.

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Renewable energy is really important…When you can tie it in to public safety, it starts taking on more importance. And when you can provide emergency power in disaster situations, you’ve really caught people’s attention.”


Chairman, York Energy Efficiency Committee


Instant access to voice and data

When cell coverage has been disrupted by a natural disaster or other emergency, Solar Com, from DC Solar, makes voice and data available to first responders in as little as 30 minutes. Not only does it deploy quickly, but all Solar Com units are
solar-powered to ensure connectivity for those who need it most.

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