DC Solar’s mobile generators, light towers and off-grid telecommunications solutions continue to make an impact on motion picture, television, and commercial sets of all sizes. As the industry increases its commitment to sustainability, DC Solar offers solutions that help reduce your production’s carbon footprint while saving on your bottom line. DC Solar supports the efforts of environmentally conscious productions by supplying clean, affordable, emissions and noise-free power, as well as solar-powered lighting and telecommunications.

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Unique Industry Requirements

DC Solar’s mobile solar generators are purpose built to meet the unique requirements of the entertainment industry.

  • Pure solar energy during the day and stored energy using innovative battery backups for reliable power 24×7
  • Cost-effective without the need to constantly monitor and refuel
  • Environmentally friendly with zero noise and emissions
  • Easily transportable to remote locations and within bustling cities
  • Eliminates traditional challenges to shooting in sensitive locations

DC Solar understands that the power and budget requirements for film, television and commercial production are complex. Having supplied power to the sets of large studio films as well as independent films and television shows, DC Solar has crafted custom solutions to meet the needs of the entertainment industry.

 It has been great for a film of this size to have such fantastic tools. It has been not only a savings on fuel, but also a convenience on sensitive locations where generator noise is an issue.”


Executive Producer, Bad Words


Flexible power for the set

Unlike the expenses associated with operating and re-fueling noisy and noxious diesel generators, DC Solar’s efficient solar and battery storage systems can be configured to meet nearly any production demand at substantially less cost.

Rugged construction of DC Solar products allow you to go anywhere, while completely emissions-free operation helps eliminate a production’s carbon footprint.


DC Solar featured in Produced By’s Going Green

“Bad Words – Powered by the Sun”

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Environmentally responsible business practices drive studio initiative.

Motion Picture Association of America, April 22, 2013

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