Telecommunication networks utilize off-grid cell towers and repeaters to distribute data across undeveloped geographies. The adaptable and rugged mobile solar generators by DC Solar require no fuel or refueling and are capable of providing pure sustainable power for these towers.

The benefits of solar-powered over diesel-powered generators are many:

Fuel Savings

While an average diesel-powered generator can use up to 40 gallons of fuel daily, the Solar Eclipse 5K, 10K, 20K and 40K generators are fully powered by the Sun. You never have to refuel.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Solar Eclipse generators have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free. Diesel generators require periodic maintenance and replacement of moving parts.

Environmentally Friendly

The Solar Eclipse 5K,
10K, 20K and 40K generators are noise and emissions free. Workers, animals, and the environment are spared from the noxious fumes and decibels created by diesel generators.


Solar Eclipse generators store extra energy in their battery back-up and supply it when needed. Diesel generators consume fuel and produce constant energy regardless of load consumption.


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