A Night in the Vineyard with Melissa Etheridge


It’s been a busy (and hot!) summer at DC Solar, and there’s nothing like a relaxing evening in the vineyard to cool things down. Naturally, then, we’re looking forward to this weekend when we will be on hand in St. Helena for the highly anticipated Melissa Etheridge concert, just one of the Robert Mondavi concerts we’re sponsoring this year. In addition to our sponsorship, we’re proud to offer car charging with our mobile EV charging stations, and safety lighting with our mobile light towers. As always, our goal is to provide clean, renewable solar products that not only offer convenience and cost-savings, but also enhance the audience experience. 

For DC Solar’s Paulette Carpoff, insuring that clients have the products they need to pull of a seamless event is critical: “The Mondavi Concert Series is unique because, frankly, there’s no other place in the world like the Mondavi Vineyard. It is simply stunning, so insuring that the tranquility you experience goes uninterrupted — either before, during or after — is of paramount importance to us. It is why our clean, silent operating products are so perfect in this setting.” 

We also take pride in the fact that DC Solar helps companies such as Mondavi achieve their sustainability goals. Kathy Magner, Hospitality Director for Robert Mondavi Winery, acknowledged DC Solar’s contribution this way: “Working with DC Solar has been a great enhancement to our summer concert series. They have provided an electric car charging station as well as two light towers for lighting the parking area for our guests, all powered by solar.  The Robert Mondavi Winery recently became green certified, and working with DC Solar enhances our mission with the use of solar power.”

So, if you’re in the area on Saturday night and you want to take in one of the best concerts of the season while soaking in one of most magical venues anywhere, buy your tickets here while they last: http://www.robertmondaviwinery.com/Visit-Us/Concerts

And… if you’re thinking about driving up in the electric car, we’ve got a charge waiting for you.




Millions of Dollars Worth of Mobile Solar Generators Now Available to Colleges Nationwide At No Cost

DC Solar Freedom, a California based Benefit Corporation founded by Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, is partnering with educational institutions and DC Solar Distribution, Inc., an industry leading clean energy company, to offer mobile solar generators, light towers and electric car charging stations at no cost to colleges nationwide.

DC Solar Freedom will administer an underwriting process that allows companies wishing to expand their sustainability efforts and reduce their carbon footprint to subsidize off-grid power on campus, thereby offering members of the university community a variety of essential services, such as electric car charging, personal device charging stations, and outdoor lighting. DC Solar Freedom estimates that it is likely to place more than $150 million dollars in units in coming year.

“Campuses are often caught between capital costs and trying to reduce their carbon footprint,” DC Solar Freedom CEO, Jeff Carpoff said. “Our experience at UCLA has shown that there is a lot of passion and determination with student organizations to integrate clean energy into their daily lives, but their budgets are limited. Paulette and I wanted to find a solution to get them the solar power and services they need without straining their resources. DC Solar Freedom was the answer.”

DC Solar Freedom’s VP and Director of Global Sustainability Eric Sirotkin explains: “The DC Solar unit is the only generator utilizing clean power, and its highly visible presence not only helps a university demonstrate its commitment to move away from fossil fuels, but it becomes a point of dialogue about renewables, as well as encourages ecologically creative thinking by students as they head out to pursue their careers.”

DC Solar Freedom will introduce its historic campaign during the July 20–24 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC) at San Francisco State University, where they will have several units on hand.

For more information about the conference please visit their www.chesc.org

For more information about DC Solar Freedom, please visit DCSolarFreedom.com


Contact:  Eric Sirotkin

VP & Director of Global Sustainability                                          

Phone:  541-778-4897

Email:  eric@dcsolarfreedom.com